Brazil More Productive and PNCE vain support exports of inner city companies

Brasília – The minister Marcos Pereira said on Friday, in Taubaté (SP), during a meeting with mayors in the 1st Annual Meeting of the Integrated Development Consortium Paraíba Valley, North Coast and Mantiqueira (CODIVAP), that inner city companies They receive support from the MDIC to export.

“I’ve been in 13 states launching the Brazil More Productive and National Exporter Culture Plan programs. The first seeks to improve business productivity by at least 20% – but there are cases of up to 80% gain in efficiency – while the second teaches companies to export. We regionalize the implementation of these two programs and the pilot project will be in Sao Paulo, “said the minister.

“Until now the focus was on the state level, with postings made only in the capital, but I realized that inside the companies often far from major centers also can and should be addressed,” said Mark Pereira. According to the minister, the regionalization of Brazil More Productive and National Exporter Culture Plan programs is part of the effort to reposition the Brazilian trade policy.

“We have strived to put Brazil back in front of the great international agreements. We are moving forward in the construction of trade agreements such as between Mercosur and the European Union, “he said. “We are working so that Brazil, being the 9th economy ceases to be only the 25th in foreign trade,” he added.

Reforms – The more than 30 mayors, congressmen and state present, Marcos Pereira spoke about the reforms and economic measures and implemented by the federal government and the actions of administrative simplification and cutting red tape released by MDIC. “It is in difficult times like this that we take to make an assessment of it, see what works and what does not work, refocus and tackle the most urgent problems. This is the rule today in the federal government. I have devoted my best with the competent MDIC team to contribute to lasting reforms, “he said.

O ministro disse ainda que está empenhado em resolver problemas antigos, como a demora na concessão de marcas e patentes. “Desde julho do ano passado já convocamos 140 aprovados no último concurso do Instituto Nacional da Propriedade Industrial. As contratações são fundamentais para aumentar a performance do INPI com o objetivo de elevar o serviço aos padrões internacionais”, concluiu.

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